Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meehan questions Lentz's whereabouts

In a news release on Wednesday afternoon, the campaign for Republican candidate Pat Meehan questioned the whereabouts of his Democratic opponent, state Rep. Bryan Lentz, D-161, of Swarthmore.

"For most of Monday and Tuesday, the 161st Legislative District did not have a voice in Harrisburg," said Bryan Kendro, campaign manager for Meehan. "What was Bryan Lentz doing that was more important than his job of representing his district?  His constituents deserve to know why he played hooky both days. And Bryan Lentz should disclose whether or not he collected his full per diem for only doing part-time work in Harrisburg."

Lentz told the Daily Times he had to leave early Monday, about 4 p.m., to get to funeral services for his mother's 90-year-old cousin. He said he left Harrisburg, drove down Route 81 and stopped at a hotel in Frackville to meet up with his parents before heading to the viewing and wake in Mahanoy City.

After the funeral services, he drove back to Frackville with his parents and stayed overnight in the hotel.

On Tuesday morning he drove back to Harrisburg. He left session a little early again Tuesday, about 4 p.m., to head back to Delaware County. He said he missed a few "insignificant" votes.

Lentz said there will be no per diem for those two days. He said he shared the hotel room with his parents, and his father footed the bill.

On Tuesday night, Lentz said he went to a fundraiser event in Delaware County.

As a resident of the 7th Congressional District, what do you think about this issue? Is it a non-issue to you?


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