Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meehan addresses group at beauty school

At an event at a beauty school, Republican Pat Meehan discussed how he combated domestic abuse against women during his prior jobs as Delaware County District Attorney and U.S. Attorney.

As U.S. Attorney, Meehan partnerned with Empire Beauty Schools to launch a regional program known as "Cut it Out". Under this program, domestic violence experts teach beauty school students ways to detect domestic abuse, according to Meehan spokeswoman Virginia Davis.

"Combating domestic violence was a top priority during my service as District Attorney and U.S. Attorney," said Meehan in a release.  "I am extremely proud of the work we did with Empire Beauty Schools to establish new, innovative means to help women who are victims of domestic violence.  Through the 'Cut It Out' program, we found new ways to reach out to victims, encourage them to seek assistance and escape abusive relationships. Empire Beauty School has long recognized its unique ability to help victims and deserves applause for its proactive approach to combating domestic abuse." 

When Meehan was the Delaware County District Attorney, he worked with the Domestic Abuse Project and he organized domestic violence forums. 

Meehan is running against Democratic candidate state Rep. Bryan Lentz, D-161, of Swarthmore, and third-party conservative candidate Jim Schneller.


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