Monday, September 13, 2010

"Extreme" enough for ya?

As Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey prepared to hold a press conference in Harrisburg this afternoon slamming Democratic opponent Joe Sestak's "extreme policy positions," the Pa. Democratic Party put out its own list of "extreme" positions Toomey has taken.

From the Toomey campaign:

"Congressman Sestak has staked out a position far to the left of Pennsylvania voters, and even far to the left of many in his own Democratic Party. When many Democrats voted against a cap-and-trade energy tax, against government-run health care, against bailing out Wall Street, and against increased deficit spending, Congressman Sestak not only voted for all of these items on Nancy Pelosi’s wish list, he often argued that they did not go far enough.
Now, Congressman Sestak has gone overboard. Today, Pat Toomey will release the latest evidence of Congressman Sestak’s growing extremism and call on Congressman Sestak to renounce his outside-the-mainstream views."

And from the Pa. Dems:
"Pat Toomey has a more extreme voting record than 97.9 percent of all politicians since 1995. Toomey is more extreme than Rick Santorum who admitted that Toomey was too extreme for Pennsylvania. As the President of the Club for Growth, Toomey targeted moderate Republicans across the country for electoral defeat, and he advocated for extreme policies like privatizing Social Security, eliminating all corporate taxes and opposing the minimum wage.
"Not only is Pat Toomey extreme, he also led a movement to expel moderate Republicans from the party," said Mark Nicastre, spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. "Toomey's Club for Growth spent millions to attack moderate Republicans who opposed Social Security reform. Fellow Republicans even blamed Toomey for defeating moderates who opposed his extremist policies. One Republican Congressman called Toomey's attacks on moderates "disgusting." Toomey turned the party of John Heinz to the party of Sharon Angle - who Toomey endorsed. There is only one extremist in this race, and it's Pat Toomey."


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