Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toomey meets with health care leaders in Pittsburgh

Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey met with health care leaders in Pittsburgh Thursday to denounce what he calls the "government-run health care bill."
Toomey said the bill would raise taxes on medical device manufacturers by as much as 
$20 billion, regardless of whether they generate a profit or not.
"These companies work day in and day out to develop life-saving technology that increases the quality of life for millions of Americans, but once again, Joe Sestak falls back on his liberal instincts and votes for billions
in higher taxes," said Toomey in a release.

The rest of the release follows:
Pennsylvania employs over 22,000 workers in the medical device industry
(only 3 other states employ more people in this field). But these numbers
will fall dramatically if the right kind of economic environment for these
vital, life-saving companies is stunted by the billions in new taxes
included in Joe Sestak's health care bill.

The facts are simple. Joe Sestak and his liberal, Washington allies have
time and again overpromised and under-delivered. To make matters worse,
Sestak still wants us to believe that the government-run health care bill he
supported (H.R.
< >
3590, CQ Vote #165) will make our health care system cheaper and run better,
even though scores of independent data and reports have shown this claim to
be false.

The Democrats' Claim:
Joe Sestak's government-run health care bill will not raise taxes on the
middle class and small businesses.

The Truth:
? The Joint Committee on Taxation found that Sestak's government-run health
care bill will increase taxes on the middle class by $3.9 billion in 2019
alone. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also found that the
medical device tax, pharmaceutical fees, and excise tax will be passed on to
consumers (CMS,
< > 04/22/10)
< > Hill, 04/12/10).

The Democrats' Claim:
Health care costs will not rise.

The Truth:
? According to the Congressional Budget Office and the Centers for Medicare
and Medicaid Services the health care bill will do nothing to control health
care costs and will actually cause health care costs to skyrocket (CBO,
< > 05/28/10)
< > 04/22/10).

The Democrats' Claim:
Joe Sestak and his Democratic allies claim that if you like you current
health care coverage, you can keep it.

The Truth:
? According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services, and President Obama's own Department of Health and Human
Services, millions will lose their coverage because of the Sestak's
government-run health care bill. Former CBO director Doug Holtz-Eakin also
said that the health care legislation will encourage employers to drop their
current insurance plans for as many as 35 million Americans (CBO,
< > 03/18/10)
< > 04/22/10)
(Federal Register, 06/17/10) (American
< > Action
Forum, May 2010).

Joe Sestak has tried time and again to sell Pennsylvania voters a bill of
goods. But it's clear that voters are overwhelmingly rejecting Congressman
Sestak's rubberstamp support for President Obama's reckless tax-and-spend
policies in Washington. They just aren't buying what Sestak's selling.


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