Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jim Schneller responds to Attorney General's investigation of nominating petitions

Jim Schneller, the Independent candidate in the 7th Congressional District race, today released a statement in response to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office probe regarding his nominating petitions.

Here are some of Schneller's comments in his news release:

"This is the lowest form of utilization of government office for personal advancement and personal gain. Pennsylvania has seen a sad day in leadership with this announcement. I demand immediate release to the public of the number of signatures claimed to be errant and why, and I demand immediate action, not delayed action.
" This is a statement by the Commonwealth's highest ranking law enforcement office. Right before our eyes, the Attorney General is treating serious ballot questions as a personal agenda. The conflict of interest is blatant. This is why we're asking that an impartial county District Attorney also investigate."

Check out these stories for more background information on the "petition wars":




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