Monday, September 27, 2010

Lentz campaign launches Meehan attack ad

The campaign for Democrat Bryan Lentz launched an attack ad against Republican Pat Meehan on Monday.

"The ad unveils the real Pat Meehan standing behind the millions of dollars in corporate special interest money, using footage from a debate that took place last week," wrote  Bob Finkelstein, a spokesman for Lentz, in a news release. "Throughout the entire debate, Meehan was unable to make understandable arguments, stumbling badly while trying to piece together the talking points his handlers had prepared for him. Lentz, on the other hand, showed the clear command of domestic and foreign policy issues that he has gained in his years as an Airborne Ranger, tough-on-crime prosecutor and state representative."

The web commercial includes an observation about Meehan made by a Philadelphia Daily News reporter. The article states: "Lentz was clearly the superior debater Tuesday, delivering concise answers, while Meehan, sweating heavily, often fell back on generalities and stumbled through his closing statement."

Virginia Davis, a spokeswoman for Meehan, said that the ad "conveniently omits the damaging headline of the story they were referencing which was 'Meehan has an edge over Lentz in Delco.'"

"For weeks now, Bryan Lentz has shown signs of a desperate and panicked candidate," said Davis in an e-mailed statement. "All he is trying to do is distract voters from his support of (Speaker of the House) Nancy Pelosi and the failed policies coming out of Washington.

Click below to see the ad.


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