Friday, September 24, 2010

The latest in the 7th

-Political analyst Charlie Cook updated his rating for the 7th Congressional District race between Republican Pat Meehan and Democrat Bryan Lentz from a "toss up" to a "lean Republican", according to a news release from the National Republican Congressional Commitee.

-Lentz invited Meehan to a town hall debate in late October.
Meehan spokeswoman Virginia Davis said her boss declined the invite. She said the candidates already committed to an "unprecedented number of debates" and if Lentz was serious about debating, he wouldn't have backed out of two other debates Meehan suggested months ago.
Kevin McTigue, campaign manager for Lentz, said that was untrue. He said that one of Meehan's suggestions for a debate was at a place outside of the 7th district. He said Lentz tried to reschedule the second debate Meehan suggested, but reportedly never heard back from the organization that was going to host it.

-Lentz and Meehan were invited to a debate on "NBC10 @ Issue" next week. It will air Sunday, Oct. 3 at 11:30 a.m.


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