Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lentz admits to assisting Schneller

State Rep. Bryan Lentz, the Democratic candidate in the 7th Congressional District race, admitted Tuesday that he helped third-party conservative candidate Jim Schneller get on the ballot.

During a meeting with the Daily Times' editorial board, Lentz said his supporters coordinated efforts to assist Schneller with his nominating petitions. The move was done to siphon votes away from Republican candidate Pat Meehan.

After months of refusing to comment, Lentz admitted he played a role in the efforts. But he also said Schneller made the decision to run for Congress on his own. Lentz also noted that the efforts were not illegal.

"If somebody has already made the decision to run, I don't think that 'helping' with the process of signature petitions was improper," Lentz said.

The Meehan campaign criticized Lentz in a news release shortly after the editorial board meeting.

"It's about time Bryan Lentz would admit what the media has been reporting on for months. Despite his efforts to fool voters about his role in supporting Schneller's candidacy, he was forced to come clean, and he should apologize for not being forthright," said Bryan Kendro, campaign manager for Meehan.  "Bryan Lentz felt he was not a strong enough candidate to run on his own record that he had to ensure a shill candidate was on the ballot, too. Once again, voters cannot trust a word Bryan Lentz says."


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