Monday, October 4, 2010

House blocks Lentz's bill

Pennsylvania House Republicans blocked state Rep. Bryan Lentz from proposing his license-to-carry legislation as an amendment to another bill on Monday.

Lentz, D-161, of Swarthmore, the Democratic candidate in the 7th Congressional District race, said the state House failed to protect Pennsylvanians from violent individuals who abuse a so-called loophole in state law.

Lentz's legislation, House Bill 2536, would have amended current law and prevented Pennsylvania residents who are ineligible for a license-to-carry here from getting a license in another state and then using it in Pennsylvania.

Lentz had plans to present his bill as an amendment to House Bill 40, also known as the “castle doctrine”, which was introduced by state Rep. Scott Perry, R-Cumberland County. Perry’s legislation will allow citizens to use deadly force as a form of protection against an intruder or attacker who breaks into their home or occupied car.

But on Monday, "in a rarely used parliamentary procedure, House Republicans moved to consider (Perry's legislation) without amendment, which precluded Lentz from offering his amendment," states a release from the House Democratic Communications Office.

"I'm all for giving Pennsylvanians the right to protect their families against violent criminals and for keeping intact all the rights afforded under the Second Amendment, but my bill impacts neither," Lentz said in the release. "I'm disappointed the House did not see my bill for what it is -- another way to protect Pennsylvanians from violent individuals who victimize people with firearms they have no right to carry."


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